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Author: sanjog

Is paragliding scary?

No paragliding is not scary. If you just follow simple steps and the guidance of the pilot you will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience of paragliding with a smooth flight.But if you panic while you are paragliding, it can be dangerous. Please work on your fear before you attempt something like this.


Fluid 2

Fluid 2: now with increased range The Fluid 2 is a high performance wing for expert and competition Speedriders and Speedflyers. A versatile wing—for all seasons The original Fluid dominated international speedriding competition from its launch in 2009. The Fluid 2 … Continue Reading Fluid 2

Nano 4

Possibly the only speedriding wing you’ll ever need The Nano 4: simple, easy and fun. The Nano is suitable for a broad range of speedriding practice. The larger sizes are great for beginners, whereas the smaller sizes can offer more … Continue Reading Nano 4

Yeti Tandem

Solo glider weight, solo glider flight, tandem glider fun! For the new Yeti tandem, we designed and engineered every millimetre of the canopy for maximum lightweight performance. From the choice of materials, internal construction techniques, production methods – every aspect … Continue Reading Yeti Tandem


Be Bold The Griffin is our lightweight mini-paraglider. It offers 16m2 of fast, dynamic fun in a package of just 2.1kg. It’s perfect for ridge and coastal soaring, classic hike ‘n fly or para-alpinism. If you’re an experienced pilot, you’ll appreciate … Continue Reading Griffin

Yeti 4

Go-everywhere minimalism The Yeti 4 is a versatile paraglider, suitable for hike ‘n fly or for thermalling and leisurely XCs. Due to the wide range of sizes, the wing accomodates a wide range of pilots: from beginners and pilots flying … Continue Reading Yeti 4

Fuse 2

The Fuse 2 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure. The Fuse 2 is a significant step forward compared to its predecessor: – easier inflation and smoother take-off – reduced shooting in … Continue Reading Fuse 2

Rage 2

The Rage is designed for advanced acro pilots wishing to perform helicopters, infinity tumblings, Rhythmic and McTwists with the maximum amount of power, control and stability. The Rage gives an incomparable feeling of power through the brake handles. It reacts … Continue Reading Rage 2

Gangster 2

Freestyle, acro and more… The Gangster 2 is an agile freestyle glider with a comfortable safety margin. Ideal for wagga sessions and working on acro skills, it’s also a wing that will let you thermal all day, or even go … Continue Reading Gangster 2

Boomerang 11

Pure performance The Boomerang 11 combines many incremental improvements made over 2 seasons of development to deliver one huge benefit: more performance.   Aimed at pilots at the highest levels of international competition, the Boomerang 11 features an increased aspect … Continue Reading Boomerang 11


The GTO 2 is a high performance wing, suitable for a wide range of experienced XC pilots—from improving, ambitious pilots transitioning from sports class, to competition pilots who wish to fly a more compact wing within a wider comfort zone. … Continue Reading GTO 2


The Explorer is a lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that’s comfortable, responsive and performant. Comfortable yet responsive The handling of the Explorer has an alluring balance of smoothness and lightness. … Continue Reading Explorer

Sprint 3

The classic intermediate paraglider, re-engineered If you’re a leisure, club or cross-country pilot, the Sprint 3’s carefully calibrated blend of handling, comfort, stability and performance will ensure you get the very best out of your flying. The Sprint 3 weighs … Continue Reading Sprint 3

Atlas 2

The Atlas 2 is an easy intermediate wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that still offers great XC possibilities. The Atlas 2 aims to offer comfort in a wide range of conditions but with enough … Continue Reading Atlas 2

Bolero 6

The instinctive choice Ever since its first version in 1999, the Bolero has provided a solid foundation for thousands of pilots to develop their skills—from the first steps on the training slopes to soaring effortlessly amongst the clouds. Start your … Continue Reading Bolero 6