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UNDP to organise conference on technology for public development

UNDP Nepal is organising a conference on Technology for Public Services/Development as part of efforts to facilitate discussion on how technology and innovation could contribute to better governance, and towards achieving the SDGs.

This conference, to be organised at Hotel Yak and Yeti on Wednesday, is aimed at helping Nepal find ways to better using technology and innovation for advancing development in a changed federal context, a statement issued by the UN body read.

UNDP believes that technology and innovation could play an important role in helping the local governments ensure better service delivery, even in physically remote areas, the statement further states. This conference aims to showcase to Nepal’s leaders and development actors some of the possibilities that technology can offer in helping them achieve the development vision they have for the country and the provinces.

The conference will bring together speakers and participants representing central, provincial and local governments, the private sector, civil society, youth, academia and the media, allowing them to share and learn new ideas, experiences and lessons on technology for development.

One of the highlights of the programme will be UNDP’s first non-human Champion for Innovation Ms. Sophia, who will present a keynote address at the conference.

New Source : (Kathmandu Post)


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