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The day I found the wings to fly…

In the early morning of Feb 17, 2018 the journey began with a thrilling imagination of how the paragliding will be felt. At about 07:00 AM I started my trip to Lapsiphedi. At approx. 07:30 AM in cold morning I met with my colleagues eager to join the trip to Lapsiphedi. We took a jeep and a bike for our journey.

I chose to ride along my colleague, it was a cold fogy day and the ride became extremely adventurous. The cold weather, with poor visibility, our expectation of  paragliding was fading away. Once we crossed the ancient town of Sakhu, the faded experience started to turn into a new turn of adventure. The ride, became more and more existing once we started to take the high hill road, the u-turn roads, panoramic view of the hills and the fresh and cool air drove the weeks of work hang over out of the brain.

The journey of excitement just became stronger and stronger until we reached to the flying spot. It was still foggy and cold, at the top of the spot. The plain downward slopped hill top chilled the body. A thought of fear and excitement started to roll within minds. The pounding heart, the beauty of the nature and the thought of fear started to play within mind. But then we are there to feel the adventure so why not to dare? After all without risk how can you get the thrilling experience of gliding. Looking at the sky, eagles fly high and high, a will to make a daring jump came. Slowly after preparation, I started the run with my tandam pilot. There we go run, run, run and then we left the ground. We flew down the mountain top.

The jump, the chilling cold wind, the foggy weather, and the dim rays of the sun gave a different, but most amazing view from the sky. And then there comes and acrobat from my tandam pilot that gave an amazing experience of paragliding. We were on the journey of short but exciting flight. Multiple left, right acrobatic performance from pilot. The 360 degree turn in the air. And the straight downward drive brought the amazing feeling within.

The sort flight became the memorable flight of the time, with my tandam pilot “Dambar”. His skills to give an exciting acrobats is what made the flight more daring and the safest landing brought the feeling that the paragliding is mostly an adventure for daring hearts.

The adventure didn’t ended by touching the ground. The next adventure began, when we started to take a drive up to the mountain. The beautiful scenes, the adventurous jolty road and the village homes gives you the feeling of freshness, a feeling of joy until you reach back to were you started from.

Once in a while go wild. Start your journey… to feel and experience the adventure… that you have never done before… jump and fly… fly like an eagle… fly for fun… fly for joy… and fly for yourself… to see what courage is… to feel the courage that you are missing by staying on the ground… see the land that you walked from the sky… and feel the thrill. Make a memory that you can share and feel.

Fly with GoGlides. Fly in Sankahapur, Lapsiphedi, Kathmandu, Nepal with Sankarapur Paragliding.


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