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Win a Free Paragliding Ticket Every Month

Goglides is offering chance to win free Paragliding ticket.


Only valid for Nepal flights

How it Works?

Goglides Special Offer!

GOGLIDES gives you a special offer JOIN & WIN. You just have to join us and get a chance to win FREE PARAGLIDING TICKET every month.

How to Participate?

There are few steps which you have to complete to participate.
  1. Fill up your personal information. ( Name, Phone Number and Email Address. )
    Please fill all valid information otherwise we are unable to contact you.
  2. Like and Share our facebook page.
  3. Sign up with your facebook account, google account or your own email address.

Just complete these three steps and get a chance to win free paragliding ticket.

Our Offers!

Among the participants we select three winners through lucky draw. These winners can get:
  • 1st Winner – Paragliding Ticket – 1
  • 2nd Winner – 2 Movie tickets with t-shirt
  • 3rd Winner – 1 Movie ticket with t-shirt

How to Get Informed?

Keep on visiting our website. We publish winners list on our website.

Be Sure! you have provide valid email and phone number.

Terms and Conditions

These general conditions for promotions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions’) apply to promotional activities organized by GoGlides (hereinafter “Provider”). By participating in the Provider’s promotion, the participant agrees to the following Terms and Conditions Competitions.

  • The participant is obliged to provide accurate, current and complete information when participating. The Provider may request a winner, before presenting the award or prize, to provide proof of their identity previously provided by the participant.
  • The decision of The Provider is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding results and the awarding of the prize.
  • The prize is personal and is registered in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable, exchangeable or payable in cash or other products or services. In case of refusal or non acceptance of the prize or conditions that are inherent to the competition, the prize will not be awarded. In that case, the Provider is entitled to choose another winner.
  • The prize is valid within Nepal only.
  • The winner is able to claim the prize up to 15 days after publication. After this period, entitlement to the prize automatically expires.
  • The winner of the prize gives the Provider permission to use, free of charge, any received personal data, any photos or any contributions linked to the competition to be used in promotional activities relating to the competition and in relation to the announcement of the winner through all media, including radio, television and internet.
  • At the request of the Provider, the winner(s) of the prize will cooperate in promotional activities of the Provider to the extent that can be reasonably expected of them, including publicity regarding the announcements of the winner(s) across all media including radio, television and the Internet. For cooperating with these promotional activities no financial compensation will be paid.
  • Use of the awarded prize is at the expense and risk of the winner. The Provider can not be held liable for use of the prize by the winner under the General and/or specific conditions for competitions.





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