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Setting up Outlook on your local machine with Zoho mail server.

Outlook Installation on Windows with configuration of zoho mail server 

first of all to setup Microsoft outlook on local machine, we first need to have outlook on our local machine. Outlook comes with the complete package of Microsoft office or you can download it separately also. if you have the office package, you can checked outlook to install at the office installation period. if no than you can download it separately. To download outlook only, go to link download outlook and install outlook.

after you download and install outlook, next step is to setup or configure you email to your outlook.  To configure the outlook you can fallow step below:

  1. open outlook and select file menu.main
  2. click on add Account button.step-2
  3. select the option of manual setup or additional server types.step-3
  4. select POP or IMAP option.step-4
  5. fill the required form with you own configuration/settings.

    • User Information
      • Your name: Your preferred display name. This will be used in the emails you send from Outlook.
      • Email address: Your Zoho account email address ( or email aliases for organization accounts or, if you have a personal account)
    • Server Information 
      • Incoming server: – for organization accounts (if your domain is hosted with Zoho).
      • Incoming Server: – for personal accounts (if you have a personal account)
      • Outgoing Server:
    • Log on Information
      • Username – The email address of your Zoho account ( for Email Hosting users / for personal users).
      • Password – Zoho Account Password (Use Application-specific Password if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled for your account.
  6. after the form was filled click on more settings at the right bottom.step-7
  7. new window will pop up.Untitled-1
  8. go the outgoing server and choose my out going server (SMTP) requires authentication.step-8.1
  9. go to advanced tab and change the two encrypted option to SSL and specify your incoming and outgoing server port.
    Incoming Server (IMAP): 993
    Select SSL from the drop down menu for encypted connection
    In Out going server, Select SSL from the drop down for the encrypted connection.
    Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465
        click Ok
  10. click on next than test connection window will pop up wait for test connection to be successful and click finished.

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